No matter what, your journey should be honoured. Your soul is here for a limited time and it’s here to learn and grow. Send it love every day and especially when you feel like you are falling below your expectations.⁣

The reality is we are perfectly imperfect and I believe one of the most precious lessons we must learn is unconditional love (for ourselves and others).⁣

It doesn’t mean letting people walk all over you but it does mean sending them compassion when they show they are fearful (ie. when they act in hurtful ways).⁣

Protect yourself always (that is different than defending the ego by the way) by knowing that no matter how anyone else acts you are loved and you are worthy.⁣

Remember that you are an incredible spiritual being having a human experience and every day you have little (or big) lessons to learn. ⁣

Forgiveness, love, compassion, acceptance and so much more. Wishing you a wonderful sacred Sunday where you honour your beautiful soul and celebrate it for all it has learned on this journey so far. Geneviève xo

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