Let go and have a little faith. Don’t you just love how life sends you the message you need to hear just at the right moment? This quote resonates deeply with me for personal reasons as I am practicing letting go and being patient and for someone who is a bit of a control freak and normally wants everything NOW this has not been easy.

I think a lot of us today are used to immediate gratification and “making things happen“. We have certain objectives to reach whether personal or professional and we have a desired timeline.

But I’m sure most of you have learned as I have that life has its own plans and it seems to know better than we do when and how things should unfold.

Despite it being scary as hell to let go and trust, I’ve been practicing this a lot and there is a deep sense of inner peace that comes from releasing and believing that all will be well.

Knowing that no matter what I will be okay. When I have a moment of panic and want to control the outcome of a certain situation, I center myself (being in nature helps a lot to do this) and ask these two questions: “Am I still breathing? Is my heart still beating?” Yes. Then I am okay.

Of course it’s normal to plan, be proactive, go out there and create a life that we want but it’s unhealthy thinking we can control everything and that things will unfold exactly how and when WE want. I truly believe there is another higher power out there at work co-creating with us and we need to give it room to do its magic.

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P.S. A big thank you to my girl in Switzerland Bianca Sissing for posting this message yesterday. It was exactly what I needed.

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