We can plan and prepare and accumulate experience all we want but we might never feel “ready”. If we let that stop us we can’t grow into our full potential and we can miss out on some pretty awesome experiences.

Sometimes it’s a lack of confidence that causes us to convince ourselves that we aren’t ready yet. We think we need more experience or more diplomas. But really, the best experience is jumping in and finally starting what your heart has been calling you to do.

To stop making excuses and getting sucked into prep and planning mode (which is just a way to stay within your comfort zone).

Try something new today. Take one step to get a little closer to living your purpose. It might not be anything grandiose (for most of us it isn’t and that’s totally okay).

Just taking that one small action will give you momentum as it demonstrates progress and courage and that’s what we need to live to our fullest self.

Happy Monday!
Geneviève xo