We could all benefit from infusing more kindness into our lives, whether that’s being kinder towards ourselves or others. We can be so harsh on ourselves or our loved ones sometimes. We set the bar high and then get disappointed when those expectations aren’t met.

Instead of being so demanding and creating unnecessary stress, why not create small daily goals? Something simple that we know we can easily reach.

It could be to be more present during your next conversation rather than already thinking about what you’re going to reply. It can be to do a short workout every day rather than a super long one you can only do once because of a busy schedule.

The point is that when we infuse kindness into what we do, we create a loving energy that in turn gives us more confidence and joy to then reach a little higher and also be more consistent with what truly matters to us.

Wishing you a wonderful Sunday where you sprinkle kindness everywhere you go and see what kind of magic it creates.

Geneviève xo