It can be as simple as that. Happiness can come to you simply by having the clear intention to be happy. What does setting an intention mean? To consciously decide that you will focus on the good today. That you will take little moments to pause and have gratitude for whatever is unfolding (a great meal, beautiful sun, laughter with loved ones). That you won’t participate in negativity or drama (whether that’s in your thoughts, words or actions). That you will choose love over fear.

Choosing happiness is a concept that might seem new age-y or cheesy but whatever you think of it doesn’t matter. It simply works. That’s how life functions. We might not have full control over what goes on around us but we ALWAYS have a choice in how we react to it.

Even if you are in a challenging moment in your life, there is something to be grateful for and here too, you can choose happiness. Wishing you a wonderful Sunday. xoxo

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