Interrupt anxiety with gratitude. Wise words from Danielle Laporte and such a powerful practice. Whenever you feel there is not enough (time, money, love, success), pause and instead focus on all that you have to be grateful for.

We are such a hungry society, always wanting more, more, more that we forget to cherish what we have already. If you feel anxiety about a certain person, try to find what lesson they could teach you (patience, compassion perhaps?). Be grateful that they are offering you the chance to grow and take the higher road. Easier said than done I know (I have my own teachers that definitely test me) but the challenges really can bring you something positive.

If you feel anxious about the future, be grateful for the now. Look at the present moment. Right now as you are reading this, are you safe? Can you breathe easily and is your body healthy? Than that is all you need for now. Of course, you can plan for the future but when anxiety strikes it’s often because we are taking too much in. Too much of the past, of the future, of thoughts, etc.

Focusing back in on gratitude is a great way to create a blank slate. Clear the mind of all those worries, even if just for a moment (here’s how). The trick is that over time, your natural reflexes to go back to gratitude when you are feeling anxious will develop and you will get stronger and more peaceful at once.

Try it today when you feel stress creep up. Replace the thoughts of worry with just a couple of things you are grateful for and really feel it. Don’t just think about it for two seconds and move on. Tap into the feeling of how you are so grateful for these gifts and let that feeling linger for 30-60 seconds if you can. With time, this practice will get easier and you can go back to it at any moment of the day.

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(Image via the fabulous @daniellelaporte)

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