Before you set foot out of bed this morning, ask yourself “How do I want to feel today?” The first thoughts that pop into your head as you wake up are so important. They set the tone for your day. If you immediately go to thoughts of worry, you will probably drag these along with you throughout your day.

If on the other hand, you choose a positive mindset and focus on what you want to attract, your actions and decisions will be aligned with this. Starting your day with a clear intention is very powerfulSure, you might veer of course, but if you start by making a conscious decision about how you want to feel, you are more likely to notice when you are off track and then you can recenter yourself and consciously get back to a place that makes you feel good. 

This morning (after a crazy day of 15 hour traveling yesterday), I want to feel relaxed, inspired and freeFree to do what I feel like (which will probably include a beautiful walk to enjoy the Canadian snow). Relaxed because after being in a plane for so long I want my body to rest and recuperate. And inspired because Sundays are all about feeding my soul and taking in things that replenish my energy (ex: reading a great book, watching some of my favourite spiritual teachers on You Tube).
Everyday is a gift. Treat it that way and make the best of it. Wishing you a wonderful Sunday. 

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Image by @babiolesdezoe