Start your day and your week with intention. Rather than jumping out of bed in a rush, pause, take a deep breath and let your heart focus on what truly matters to youCome back to this throughout your day and determine if you are focusing your energies on what will bring you closer to what makes your heart sing.

You have so many more choices than you think. So many ways to tap into happiness. From the people you decide to talk to to the conversations you choose to engage in or notWhen we act with intention, we check in with ourselves throughout the day to see if we are feeling what we want to feel and standing in a place that feels authentic and aligned with our true self.

Of course we will go off track and get a little lost. That’s part of the journey and we can learn great lessons from detoursBut the more aware we are, the more we are conscious of the impact of our thoughts and actions, the less lost we will feel and the quicker we will get back on the path we are meant to walk on.

Remember that you are an incredible being capable of great magic through the words you speak and how you choose to view the world. This might sound grandiose but it actually starts with the simplest things from how you engage with others to the thoughts you have about yourself.

A wonderful fulfilling life is created one small step at a time. It’s those moments that seem the most mundane that add up and create our reality. Come back to your heart at various moments during your day and week. Listen to it speak to you. Can you hear it?

Step away from the noise (both external and internal) to make sure you can hear your heart when it’s trying to guide you. Don’t just live in your mind. Yes, it does you great service but so does your heart. In fact, if you are only tapping into one or the other, that is a half lived life and you are here to live it fully. Wishing you an inspiring day filled with little moments of connection to your heart

Image via @pen_friend