3 ways of following a path to a more fulfilling life. To live simply can mean different things for different people and at different moments. For me, to live simply is to stay away as far as possible from drama and negativity and to strive to only keep in my life what is truly serving me (from a material and energetic point of view).

To love generously can be to love others and not be judgmental but to also cultivate that behaviour with myself. And to learn constantly well I think that is part of our purpose here and the more we are open to learning and keeping an open mind, the more we can lead an incredible life.

Learning how to deal with others with compassion, learning to see things from a new perspective and learning from spiritual growth. Whatever these 3 mantras mean to you, as long as they help you lead your life with intention and help bring you more inner peace, they are serving you well.

Take time to stop, breathe and notice if and how you are incorporating these life philosophies. See what state of mind you are in and if you feel “off” (sad, stressed, fearful) see what ingredient might be missing.

Image via @whitelivingetc