Humans crave safety and certainty and yet there is one thing we can count on during this journey, it’s that nothing is certain and change is constant. We must have the courage to trust and let goThis is not a negative thing despite how scary it can be sometimes. Life is always moving us forward and even when it feels like pure chaos, everything is in its divine order.

There really is beauty to the flow of life and if we trusted a little more and controlled a little less we could let it work its magic. I used to be a great manipulator of life. Always planning, grasping, controlling and future tripping, until I realized I was doing more harm than good. I did take a lot of positive actions that brought great results but when things didn’t turn out exactly the way I wanted, I struggled.

One major lesson was that I had to learn to take that next step even though I didn’t have the full picture of how things would unfold after that. It’s like wanting to cross a river by stepping on one rock at a time. When you are on one side of the river, it might not be exactly clear each and every single rock you will need to step on to get to the other side so you take it one at a time and once you step on one rock, it becomes clear which is the next one you need to take to move forward.

We can live a much more peaceful life if we learn to trust, let go and stop needing to see the shore. We should also stay opened to what the shoreline might look like because it can be even more beautiful than we think if we let life show us the way.

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