Life begins at the end of your comfort zone. Do you ever stop to think about where you are at in life vs where you want to be? Then, try to pin point what is keeping you from being in that desired state. We’re not talking about a bigger house or more money. It’s rather those feelings you wish you were in contact with more often such as freedom, inspiration or maybe creativity. It’s actually those feelings that you are trying to find, not the “stuff”. We focus on the stuff because we think it will bring us some of those desired feelings.

Dreaming about a house on the beach? You might be seeking more peace and calm in your life. Want to win the lotto? You are probably in need of more freedom. Happiness starts with being grateful for everything we already have in the present moment but it’s also part of our journey to want our life to expand whether it’s by creating more love, inspiration, compassion, connection with others, etc

When you tap into what your heart is calling for (rather than your mind or the ego), it can become clear how fear is stopping you and keeping you in your comfort zone.

At this very moment, while reading this post, think of a feeling you are yearning to tap into more often. Now determine one small action that you might be scared to do but that will allow that feeling to expand in your life.

Becoming fulfilled happens one small decision at a time. And the point isn’t not being scared. The goal is not to let fear stop us from being who are are truly meant to be. Start walking that path today, now at this very moment with one tiny action. This one act of courage will lead to another and so on and so forth.

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