Get on the road to happiness via gratitude. When you wake up in the morning, let your first thoughts go towards what you are thankful for: a warm bed, safe home, good night’s sleep, healthy body, the people you love, the opportunity to do what you love, the freedom to do what you choose…. The list goes on and on with all the blessings that you enjoy.

I find that lying in bed after awakening and taking in all these gifts is like sitting in the bright morning’s sunlight and letting it fill you with positive energy. It literally feeds your soul. It puts your focus in the right frame of mind and will set a good mood to start your day positively. Practicing gratitude is one of the greatest gifts we can offer ourselves.

The more we focus on gratitude, the more we can let go of life’s little problems. It really helps to put the daily dramas and the challenges in perspective. When you are in a difficult moment, take a gratitude break. Recenter those worry thoughts towards all that you feel blessed to have. You will feel the anxiety in your body reduce immediately.

Living a fulfilling life doesn’t happen by chance. We must choose our mindset and develop practices that put us in a good place. The more grateful we are, the more positive our energy and we all know that positive attracts more positive and negative usually attracts more negative. The decision is up to you every day. Every morning when you wake up, you can choose to go through that endless to-do list or, you can go through a list that will make you feel like a million bucks. Happiness really is up to you and to walk its path, gratitude is a necessary guide. Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

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