Good things take time. Any other impatient souls out there? I am posting this today as a reminder to myself but also because I know that many of us can feel frustrated when we don’t get what we want FAST.

Thanks to the Internet, we have gotten used to instant gratification but we also have this perception of other people’s lives being “perfect” and that everything they have (a solid romantic relationship, a successful career, a healthy body, etc) came to them overnight. We compare ourselves and feel “less than” but never forget that many people in this worlds have a lot less than you have.

When looking at people we envy or admire (i.e. comparing ourselves), we don’t often see the behind the scenes, the struggles, the hard work, the disappointments, the perseverance and we need to remind ourselves that we each have our path and our work to do. We must also (and this is soooo important) enjoy the journey rather than only focusing on the destination and the end goal.

Good things take time and everything happens within a certain time for a reason. I’m sure you’ve realized this about certain aspects of your life in the past (I know I have) so we’ve just got to keep the faith and believe in ourselves.

A lifetime goes by very fast. Heck, a week goes by very fast so don’t be too in a hurry. Keep track of all you have to be thankful for now and find peace in this moment, even if you don’t think things are the way they should be. Fighting what is only causes stress. Accept, release resistance and move on with grace.

Use all the tools you need to find that inner sense of peace (meditation, walking, creative work, cooking) and work towards your goals with openness and patience. We can do this, I know we can. Let’s stick together, encourage each other and be grateful for all the gifts we already have.

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