This reminder is on heavy rotation on the blog because I think we all need it-OFTEN. We tend to be so impatient and hope for overnight results. Whether it’s working towards the body we want, the romantic relationship we yearn for or a thriving career we’ve dreamed of for years, all these precious things take time.

I think I’m going to add this as a print sold in the Red Fairy boutique because it’s a mantra we should recite daily when trying to cultivate patience. We also have to realize that sometimes we aren’t ready to receive what we are craving so strongly.

I’m sure you’ve had experiences in your life when you wanted something to unfold a certain way and it didn’t but in hindsight you realized there was a reason for it and that it was for the best.

We’ve got to learn to trust more and be grateful for what we currently have. To live in the present moment and notice all the blessings we already enjoy.

Wishing you a wonderful week where you work on building a life you love but also practice gratitude for where you are NOW.

Geneviève xo

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  • Hello and sorry for the delay in responding! Unfortunately, this isn’t available as a print yet. Did you check out the other prints I have available in the Shop? If I get enough requests for certain quotes I could ask the designer that I work with to create some! ;) Geneviève

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