You are amazing and capable of so many things. Beyond what you DO it’s how you are out there in the world that makes a true difference. What kind of energy do you bring to a meeting or as you walk in the office? How do people feel in your presence?

We often place more value on the doing rather than the being.

Both are important of course but the quality of your life and work can be so much greater if you focus on how you are rather than the amount of your output.

I know some people that are very smart and productive but they make other people’s lives miserable because of their mood swings or outbursts.

Stand in a place of confidence knowing that you are just as worthy as the person next to you.

Stop comparing and choose to focus on each individual’s unique gifts rather than on what you don’t have or someone else doesn’t have.

Living from a place of love rather than judgment will bring you so much more peace and even productivity as your mind won’t be as cluttered with negative thoughts. Wishing you a healthy + happy day!

Geneviève xo

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(Image via The Everygirl)