Good things come to those who hustle. I’m so excited about today’s post because it features a stylish free screensaver by an artist I recently discovered called Angel Kein (a great example of someone who’s hustling). She created this beautiful image as a wallpaper/screensaver that you can download for your iPhone, iPad or desktop.

I just love uncovering talented artists and featuring them here at the Red Fairy Project for others to discover as well. Art can be so inspiring and as you’ve probably noticed I’ve recently taken quite a liking to black and white quote prints portrayed in a creative and chic way. My goal is to eventually feature a section on where visitors will be able to purchase this type of beautiful artwork.

For now, you can keep enjoying these daily posts and don’t be shy to let me know if you like and relate to them and if they help guide you through your day. Until tomorrow, keep hustling but also remember to leave a little time in your day for some inspiration. ;) You can download this image as a wallpaper here.

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