If you get the inside right, the outside will fall into place. How many of you can relate to that? I know I do 100%. When things aren’t right with our soul, when something isn’t sitting well with us, everything feels out of balanceWe might try to ignore what our heart is telling us but we won’t be able to move ahead until we clear up that inner space.

Whether it’s negative thoughts or dragging dramas from the past, all of this weighs you down and keeps you from living to your fullest. We must get the inside right because that’s where everything stems from. That’s from where everything is created. If you aren’t seeing the results you want in your life you must look inside and see what is unresolved.

If you aren’t able to develop into the beautiful healthy body you want for example, maybe look into the behaviours that might be causing this. Are you eating your emotions or perhaps imbibing to numb the pain? If your career isn’t moving ahead, have you noticed if you have any limiting beliefs about yourself?

It’s not to say to start blaming yourself for what you are unsatisfied with in your life. It’s quite the opposite actually. Yes, you must make yourself accountable for your actions but you must also do that from a place of kindness.

We often need to increase the degree of compassion we have towards ourselves. Many of us (especially women) can have a very harsh inner dialog without even noticing it.

I notice it when I listen to my friends speak about themselves and I ask them “Would you speak like that about a best friend?” If not then stop talking about yourself that way. This is truly the first step to creating a life you love: it starts with self love and then that love grows from the inside out.

Take a first step today to pause and go inwards. Check in to see what your internal condition is. Does it feel good and peaceful or icky and harsh? Then depending on your answer, give yourself what you are need of to be in a place of self loveWishing you a wonderful day filled with kindness towards yourself and others.

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