Give yourself permission to be both a dreamer and a go getter. Tap into the beautifully complex layers of your true self and embrace the bohemian and the boss in you rather than trying to analyze and rationalize yourself. We have both mystical and rational within all of us and it’s being able to balance and love them both that creates a truly amazing life.

I used to think that those two sides of me represented a contradiction but now I see what a blessing it is to be able to get in touch with your soul and then use your your mind to take action and make things happen. When we are only connected with our “bohemian” side (the dreamer, the one that knows what will make our heart sing), we might feel like something is missing in our life. Like we aren’t moving forward.

If we are only connected to the “boss” side which is dominated by the mind, we are totally identifying with the material world, with form, with all that is impermanent and that can feel very unsettling. 

The bohemian (soul) in you knows that no matter what you will be okayThe boss side makes you work like crazy to get what you think will make you happy. When the boss and the bohemian collaborate together, it creates the most beautiful symphony.

The bohemian knows where true fulfillment lies for you (not just in titles and material things) and the boss gives you the momentum to keep moving ahead to reach for those desires.

Take moments of stillness to see which side of yourself you are the most connected to and then see if there is a way to balance them out more evenly.

When you do so, notice the deep sense of inner peace that you can reach. Wishing you a wonderful day spent with both your beautiful bohemian and then working it with your inner boss.

Image by The Black Line by Lauren