Isn’t it nice when we are able to let go and let the natural flow of our life take place? In contrast to this, how many of us have a forceful energy when we are focused on a certain outcome? One that is trying to manipulate how things will unfold? I know that can be me sometimes.

Having dreams and goals is perfectly healthy but we have to find that balance between taking action and letting go.

I used to be 100% about taking action. I was a girl that “got things done”. I’m still a very driven and goals oriented person but I’ve learned that if you try to force life in a certain direction too much, you actually create more work for yourself.

Not only that, but when you meddle too much, you block the natural flow and you are standing in your own way. We’ve got to understand that life can have something even better in store for us than what we can imagine.

The secret is letting the stars align. What does that mean concretely? To take the actions you believe you need to take to get that job/dream home/ideal romantic parter and then to let life unfold.

Sometimes certain outcomes are just not meant to be and when we look back we see that it’s for the best. We must find that balance between doing our part and then letting life take its natural course.

When we learn how to take a step back, to have a little faith, that’s when we can witness the magic unfold. I know it’s not easy and trust me it’s a work in progress on my end but when I’ve adopted this approach, it’s incredible how things turn out. Wishing you a wonderful day where you can be a witness to life unfolding just as it should.

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