We are so often focused on our own selves and our own stories that we forget there a million other lives going on out there. When we feel stressed and overwhelmed it’s actually beneficial to focus on being of service to others. I’ve heard several of my spiritual teachers say “When you feel hopeless, help someone.”

I don’t think that we should only help others when we are down ourselves but it definitely helps. I had someone in particular in my life teach me this precious lessonShe didn’t teach me by telling me that this was important. She taught me by showing me and that is so much more powerful.

She would always be so good at making us shine rather than taking credit for the work that had been done.

She was able to bring out the best in you and show you your unique strengthsEver since I’ve had this incredible woman in my life, I’ve also tried to embody this way of living with those around me.

It’s so rewarding to see people’s reactions when you remind them of their beauty and worth.

You are also giving yourself a gift when you allow others to rise: it has the same effect on you. Notice today if there is somebody close to you that needs to be reminded of how special they are. Be authentic in how you reflect back to them how they make this world a better place. I can assure you that by being of service, you will immediately feel lighter and more content and that’s a pretty great way to start the weekend.

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Image by Hunting Louise