Everything you need to heal is already within you and you can be your own healer. We often think that our life is stressing us out but it’s usually our thoughts that are doing that. It’s the way we view our reality and what we say about ourselves that causes pain. The good news is that we can change these thoughts to more nourishing and healing ones.

Sunday is a great day to start doing this. You can usually move at a slower pace and be more aware of what’s going on in your mindYou can also take care of your body which might also need healing from your week. Certain tensions might be calling you to release them with a nice walk or hot bath.

It’s so important to slow down and take time for healing.

You have many, many tools you can use to do this from saying positive affirmations to reading content such as these daily inspirations that I hope feed your soul.

Trust yourself and your intuition to create a life that is more and more peaceful.

You were brought to this post and compelled to read this text: that is a first sign of your internal GPS giving you what you need. Wishing you a wonderful Sunday where you cast a spell of wellness for yourself by focusing on self care and being your own healer.

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Image via Kelly Rutherford