Do you ever take the time to let your soul heal itself? Do you listen to those inner whispers that tell you you need to slow down? I love this quote by Caroline Myss as it’s a great reminder of the power we already possess in ourselves to heal. Recently, my body has felt a bit out of whack. Partly because I’ve been working so hard but also because of the emotional roller coaster of being an entrepreneur takes its toll.

My first reflex was to ignore the aches and pains because my mind was telling me not to go spend money on a massage or an osteo treatment. Once I sat in silence though and quieted that voice, the answer was clear: my health is my priority and although I am keeping expenses at a minimum right now, making sure my body is well is of the utmost importance. I went for a massage and realized just how much I needed it, I booked a healing energy session, I will be seeing the osteopath shortly and I’ve increased my weekly yoga sessions.

Sometimes we can feel drained and it’s not because we are working too much.

It can be because our life is not aligned with our core values and that is sucking all the energy out of us. Years ago, I was pretending to be happy in my job and my relationship (with my ex) and keeping this act up took all the energy I had until I had none left. My mind was telling me that I “should” have been happy with those circumstances but my soul was telling me to walk away from both.

Don’t ignore the guidance of your soul because eventually there is a chance that it will work its message via your body to make it very clear what you need to do to heal yourself.
Listen to those precious whispers. They are full of wisdom even if they seem to contradict the logical mind sometimes. Wishing you a wonderful day where you take little moments to quiet the mind and heal your soul.

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