How many of us think that our happiness resides in some not too distant future? How often are we in one place wishing to be in another? When we are here but wishing to be there, we rob ourselves of finding happiness in the now.

Sure, our job might not be perfect and we probably have to take on tasks that are less than enjoyable sometimes but we can be grateful to have a job to go to and realize that we are doing something useful.

More importantly, how we do one thing is how we do everything.

If we do our job half heartedly then there is a good chance that is also how we live our life. Have you ever been in the presence of someone that is doing a job you deem unappealing and yet that person is giving it everything they’ve got?

They are taking on their role like its the most important thing in the world and they are making you feel great because of it. Those people probably have bigger dreams for themselves but they are choosing to be 100% in the now and creating happiness from there until they move on to something else.

These people are experiencing joy and make us feel inspired because they are making the best of each moment.

Try this approach today one small moment at a time. See how this shift in attitude makes you feel. You might think it requires more effort but feeling crappy requires a lot of energy as well. Choose to find peace in the present moment while working towards your goalsWishing you a wonderful day where you set the intention of finding happiness in the now.

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Image by Little Spoon Love