There is magic in the everyday- even a Monday.  If you slow down enough and step out of doing, doing, doing, you can see there is so much beauty within you and around you. Even the most mundane seeming days can be special depending on if you are willing to find the magic.

You might not see it right away because stress is overwhelming you. Or you might just be so focused on your to-do list you don’t notice the little gifts that you are being offered.

It’s so important to take mini moments to pause and realize all that we have to be grateful for.

If you’re feeling crappy because you have to go to work, be grateful for the revenue that job provides. If you have to prepare meals or do the laundry, consider yourself lucky to have a roof over your head, clean clothes and easy access to food.

Even just eating a healthy meal can be a magical experience if we are mindful and take the time to savour it. Mondays can be magical if you choose to make them so. You have the power to create that magic.

Make someone laugh, offer a kind gesture to someone who doesn’t expect it.

And most important of all, when you feel helpless, help someone. There is true beauty within you waiting to come out. How will you tap into it? Wishing you a wonderful week where you start seeing the magic in the everyday.

Geneviève xoxo

Dive deeper into the topic of gratitude: watch this video or continue reading below. (Image via My Fabulous Design)