Fall in love all over again. Learn how to look at all the blessings you have in your life with fresh and grateful eyes. Look at the beauty and good fortune that fills your existence. Fall in love with the everyday aspects of this journey that you might have been taking for granted simply because they are always there. It could be the precious people that surround you, the job that brings in a steady income, the safe neighbourhood you live in, the talents you have that have brought you to where you are, or even the clean and healthy water that comes from the tap every time you turn it on. The simple things are often the most important…

Fall in love with the beauty that is all around you. Your loved ones, a delicious meal or perhaps the leaves changing colour. Fall in love with yourself. Have compassionate thoughts rather than harsh ones. Recognize all that you are contributing to this world and tap into the love you can bring to every moment- even the challenging ones. Fall in love with life because it truly is a gift and goes by so very quickly. Cherish it, love it and fully dive into it with all you’ve got. Wishing you an inspiring day. xoxo

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(Image by @harleyquinnandco)

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