Stress and anxiety often arise when there is a disconnect between expectations vs reality. The saying goes “Life is what happens when you are making plans.” It’s usually when we think that we have things all figured out (our plans, goals and what we believe we need to be happy) that life teaches us that we don’t always know best.

I am the first to think that I know exactly what needs to unfold for my life to be “right” but I’ve learned that we often don’t allow ourselves to dream big enough. Life has something even grander for us in mind but it will probably take some work (and lots of patience) to get there. That’s part of the journey and it’s what makes us grow into wiser beings.

Learning to let go is key in letting the natural flow of life take over. It can be very hard for ambitious driven people (trust me I know) but you have to have faith. Believe in the dream you have, in how it makes you feel but be open to it looking different than you thought.

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