Do you know what makes you truly, deeply happy? What can put you in a good mood if you are feeling down or what will make you grumpy if you don’t allow time for it in your day/life? For me, healthy eating are traveling are both crucial to my happiness. If I ignore that part of myself for too long I start feeling it and the frustration builds up.

Exercise is also a key ingredient to my wellbeing. I make it a point to schedule in time everyday to be physically active whether it’s an intense workout or simply taking a nice brisk walk. As for traveling, well as you can see by my blog, it’s become a lifestyle. I made decisions in order for my career and personal life to give me the freedom to travel often and with the people that I love.

I’m still working very hard to build the life that I know I am meant for but I also enjoy every little moment in the present as it’s full of gifts and beauty. I say it often but life is about the journey as there is no final destination.

Are you incorporating what makes you feel alive and joyful NOW or are you just going through the motions thinking that happiness only resides in some distant future?

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