Don’t quit your day dream. Even if people try to discourage you, even if you have to readjust your course, even when you doubt whether you have it in you to make it happen, never quit believing in and working towards your dream.

This precious dream that is within you is there for a reason. It’s part of your purpose and your journey. The timing of this dream will probably not happen the way you had planned but that is also part of our journey and the lessons we must learn.

Learning to take action and then let go and trust is probably one of the biggest lessons I am still working on and I know many people that are in the same situation.

We are all co-creators here which means that we play a part in the realization of our dreams but there is also another force at work and we must trust it and let it do its thing. If we try to control or manipulate too much we are messing with the divine order or things. It might sound woo woo to say this but it’s clearly true and you’ve seen plenty evidence of this if you think and look back at your life. 

Our dreams are within us for a reason but just because they are there, it doesn’t mean they will happen this instant. And if they don’t, know that this moment is in some way preparing you for something grander. You have seen proof of this in your past I’m sure. When you look back at a moment in your life that seemed frustrating or confusing or just really difficult, it prepared you for something else. Something bigger.

Don’t quit your day dream and whenever you feel like you need guidance remember this quote from the always inspiring Oprah: “Do what you have to do until you can do what you want to do.” Never lose faith in yourself. You have what it takes.

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(Image by Maiko Nagao who has a lovely online shop that I highly encourage you to check out!)

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