Don’t be so hard on yourself. Do you ever stop to notice how you treat yourself with the mental dialog you have going? Do you have kind thoughts towards yourself or harsh ones? It took me a long time to realize that I had an inner mean girl who was running the show in my head. It was a burn out that finally cracked me open and made me fully aware of what had brought me to that breaking point. Fortunately, at that same time, various teachers started coming into my life (mostly via books and online guidance) and they taught me how to be aware when the hurtful thoughts came up and how to slowly change them into a dialog that was loving and kind.

It was many years of work and self awareness that brought me to a place where I now truly love myself and it has become a passion of mine to help others reach this place. When we don’t have love and respect for ourselves we are lost and disconnected. We can learn to cut ourselves some slack even if the perfectionist in us still demands excellence. She might have some valid points that can allow us to reach our goals but listen to her critical comments with a certain distance and detachment.

I believe most of us will always have a certain judgmental voice in our head that might make us doubt what we are doing but we’ve just got to learn to observe it and not believe everything it says. Remember that just because you think something (ex: “What I created really sucks”) it doesn’t mean it’s true. With time you will learn to distinguish the voice of the head (the critical ego) and that of the heart.

Pepper everything you do with lots of love and patience. This journey of self discovery and self awareness is not about moving ahead as quickly as possible. It’s not about performance and comparing your evolution to others. It must be your unique journey and path and from it you will receive great joy and develop great gifts to offer those around you. Don’t be so hard on yourself because you are truly amazing and if you don’t believe that just yet, make everyday about getting closer to that realization. Sending you lots of love and wishing you a wonderful Sunday. xoxo

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(Image by Hunting Louise)

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