I love starting the weekend with some humour. Do you feel the struggle? I know I do sometimes. Sure, it’s partly about looking good naked but it’s mostly about being comfortable in my body and feeling healthy. We have to find that balance between a healthy lifestyle but also cut ourselves some slack.

I’m a bit of a health nut and am very careful about what I eat but once every so often, I treat myself to a big poutine. Another example of balance: from now until Christmas I’m not drinking any alcohol (actually I started this regimen about a month ago). The thing is that it’s actually my body telling me it doesn’t want the booze because it knows that there will be some indulging over the holidays.

From experience I know I need to treat my body with precious care if I know I will be demanding more of it at a certain period, whether that’s from an eating point of view, workload or something else. As long as we can find balance between “treating ourselves” (which sometimes actually means doing something that isn’t that great for ourselves) and treating ourselves right, we should be in a good place.

The goal is to be kind with ourselves and not go into a total guilt black hole when we do step outside our healthy habits. Just my two cents on setting up healthy habits and a nurturing mindset. Thought this might come in handy with the holidays around the corner.

Image by Just Sayin Girl

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