As you start your day, I want you to immerse yourself in deep inner peace and remember that darkness cannot drive out darkness as Martin Kuther King Jr. said. Despite what you’ve probably seen in the news by now, you can find a place where you tap into love rather than fear. I know that world events and tragedies can send us into despair. I know it can make us wonder where this is all going.

I’ll be the first to admit that I feel anger this morning about how certain people are behaving in the world. It’s hard to not get upset and yet that doesn’t change anything.

We should allow ourselves to feel whatever we are feeling but we shouldn’t dwell in a place of fear or anger – nothing constructive comes of that.

When the feeling of overwhelm takes over you, remember to clean up your side of the street first. Remember that there is no point in festering in anger over something you cannot control.

What you do have influence over is your life, your behaviours and your energy (whether you choose to make it positive or negative).

I believe that the energy we decide to carry with us throughout our day can have an impact on people even far away from us, especially if a large group of people consciously decide to adopt a peaceful and loving mindset rather than one filled with hate.

We should send our love to those that need it and start the healing by tending to our own world with love and see how that love flows beyond our geographical borders. Be love and light today. It’s who we truly are deep down inside.

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Quote by Martin Luther King Jr.