Do you create nourishing thoughts for yourself? Thoughts that fuel you and make you feel good? Or do you tend to have a rather harsh self dialog that points out what you’ve done wrong and why you are never enough? Each of us has the voice of our soul and the voice of the Ego speaking to us and we have the choice to decide which one we listen to more often and which one we allow to grow and speak louder and louder.

For years I listened to the voice of the Ego. It told me why I couldn’t or shouldn’t do this or that. It kept me stuck in fear, not doing something because of what others might think. When you do this (choose to live in the cage of fear) it literally feels like you have created a prison for yourself that you are choosing to live in. You convince yourself it’s safer in here than stepping outside and making yourself vulnerable.

Our mindset is everything and yet how many of us are unaware of it most often? The key to my freedom was starting to notice the inner voices. Those that were kind and those that were harsh. I began to nourish and pay more attention to the whispers of my soul and gently pushed aside the harsh words of the Ego.

Your body really is receptive to the words of your mind. It will feel energized by kind and compassionate thoughts and drained by negative ones. Take moments today to notice that internal dialog. Is it one that helps or harms you? No matter what the answer is (and it can vary over the course of your day), don’t judge it. Simply observe and start telling yourself that you don’t have to believe those harsh thoughts and you can cultivate more and more of the kind ones.

You have what it takes within you to do this. It’s a journey of course but it’s probably the most worthwhile one. Wishing you a sacred Sunday filled with self care.

Image via Beck and Lola

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