On this Sunday, notice the internal dialog that is going on in your mind. Is it a story of self love where you believe you deserve to be happy or is there some negative talk? This quote is not about believing in magical thinking, it’s about realizing just how much power your self confidence and self belief can have on the life you create. How?

When you believe in and love yourself, this influences your daily actions. It influences the people you decide to speak to, the chances you take and your overall energy.

It impacts and infuses everything you do so when you come from a place of belief, you are building something powerful and strong. If you don’t believe in or love yourself, everything feels like a struggle.

Don’t judge yourself if you realize this is your current reality (that just contributes to the negative energy). Simply make a promise to yourself that you will gradually replace those harsh thoughts with more loving ones.

And do remember that it’s usually not a black or white situation where you either love yourself all the time or lack total confidence: it’s usually a mix of both but we do tend to lean towards one more than the other.

Wishing you a wonderful Sunday where you banish that inner mean girl, believe you deserve it and start building a life you truly love.

Geneviève xo

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