Believe you can. You can reach for those dreams, do what you love and create a fulfilling life for yourself. Believe that you can make a difference, brighten someone’s day and turn things around when they go sour. Believe you are capable of so much more than you think and also that there is a greater force out there working with you and for you.

Even when it feels like life isn’t going your way, believe that something better awaits around the corner and one day you will understand why you faced the challenges you did. Believe that anything is possible, if you put your mind and heart into it. Believe that we are meant to contribute something for the greater good and that you have gifts within you to share with the world.

Believe that your life is meant to be amazing and that this ride goes by quickly so enjoy every moment. Don’t waste time on anger, fear or pettiness. Believe that with a positive mind you will create a positive life. Believe in YOU because you are amazing and don’t let anyone tell you differently. Wishing you a wonderful Monday. Now go out there and show the world and yourself what you’ve got! xoxo

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(Image by the talented Maiko Nagao)

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