Hi guys! So this is somewhat of a big moment for me. It’s my first video on the Red Fairy Project and I did this in one go (ie. no cutting or editing). I am reviewing the Pangea Organics facial scrub, one of my natural beauty staples.

You know I’m a perfectionist and would love to have an amazing set-up, lighting and all that jazz but hey, you gotta start somewhere right? Hope you enjoy this first experience and please feel free to share your feedback below so that I can improve on each video that I make. I will be trying different set-ups, angles, lighting, etc as I am a total newbie so any tricks are welcome too. ;)

As promised in the vid, here is the link to find retailers in Canada that sell the Pangea Organics brand. I spoke too quickly about international retailers as I got confirmation (after filming this) that they do not sell in Europe for now unfortunately.  Sorry about that… Also, below are a few more details (not covered in video) of why I love this brand:

– Organic & fair trade

– Cruelty-free

– Gluten-free

– The packaging is manufactured with zero waste and created from 100% post-consumer newsprint-without glues and dyes

– Each packaging is embedded with medicinal herb seeds in the molded fiber paperboard.  Consumers can grow medicinal herbs by soaking the box for one minute and planting it in about 1” deep of soil.  The whole concept revolves around the idea of packaging having multiple uses and its life cycle continuing beyond its initial purpose. This is what I refer to when I talk about sustainable living in the video.

– Buying Pangea Organics means you’re supporting sustainable agriculture and culture. Everything from fair trade sourcing and organic farming to living wages and the use of renewable, recycled and recyclable resources.

Pangea Organics products NEVER contain:
– Petroleum-based ingredients
– Sulfates or detergents
– Synthetic preservatives
– Artificial colors or fragrances

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3 thoughts on “Video review: Pangea Organics facial scrub

  • I fell in love with the whole Pangea line the first time I tried it. Like you, I have sensitive skin, and when my skin felt so amazing THE NEXT DAY after trying the facial line, I knew I was done searching for MY products. I loved the products so much I became a Beauty Ecologist– which is an Independent Representative for Pangea Organics–that’s how people in the U.S. purchase Pangea:) So, if your American readers need more information about Pangea Organics, feel free to send them my way. http://HealthySkinParty.com Thanks, now off to try some pink chia pudding ..(P.S. If you haven’t tried the Balancing Oil yet, do it! It is AMAZING.)

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