I LOVE having a healthy glow year round but living in Canada means that getting a good dose of vitamin E is pretty challenging at least 7 months out of the year. In addition to this, we all know that a safe tan is the way to go and that spending too much time in the sun significantly increases the risk of skin cancer and contributes to premature ageing of the skin. For some though, certain people think they are superheroes that are immune to these facts and so choose to ignore them. Case in point, me as a teenager. I spent countless hours in tanning beds or slathering on baby oil and lying on a silver (it attracts the sun way more!) air mattress in my dad’s pool all afternoon (ouch, I cringe just thinking about it). Today, I regret those decisions as I see some of the damage it caused on my skin (mostly tiny lines on my face) but beyond aesthetics, I recently I got a good scare that has made me decide from now on to play it super safe in the sun.

I went to see my doctor for another issue only to be told that she was worried about a particular mole I had on my stomach. I told her I had had it for a long time (I think it appeared during those sun worshipping years) and it didn’t bother me or seem to be growing. She still urged me to see a dermatologist to get an expert’s opinion and sure enough, as soon as the doctor saw the suspicious beauty mark,  he did not hesitate to remove it in a flash. He took a good chunk out of me (just in case it is skin cancer they have to make sure they remove extra skin around the mole to remove any potential traces of melanoma). I have since healed although I now have a tiny scar that reminds me everyday of the dangers we play with when we are not careful in the sun. So if that isn’t a case for self tanners I don’t know what is.

For a long time, I used “regular” (ie. full of nasty artificial ingredients) self tanners. Since I have been transitioning my beauty routine to more natural options, I figured I should be doing the same with my self tanning products. Like many of the wonderful finds in my life, I discovered ECO TAN via their Instagram account (what did we do before IG?!).  ECO TAN is an Australian based company founded by Sonya Driver, created after her 30 year old sister was diagnosed with melanoma. Luckily, they caught it in time but after that scare, Sonya made it her mission to offer a safe way to self tan. Here are just a few reasons why I love this brand so much:

Their colours do not contain synthetic food colouring and are made of natural Cacao (chocolate), herbs, flower extract, fruit extract and chamomile. They use certified organics and naturals in all their formulas. They do not compromise quality or safety for the mighty dollar. In March 2011, their company made Australian history by becoming the first and only organic tan to be certified by the Organic Food Chain (an Australian organic government approved certifier). Where possible, they use veggie ink and recycled paper that are both friendly to the environment. And finally, their tanning and body care range is 100% vegan friendly and their sunscreen range is 100% vegetarian.

Okay, enough talking, now let’s start (self) tanning!  The Invisible tan self tanning creme is $44.95 for 150ml, which is in the price range of most quality self tanners. The first time I tried it, I just applied some to my stomach and chest as I wanted to see how the colour turned out. In case you end up looking orange or with streaks it’s safer to do your first self tanner try on an area that isn’t too visible.

Speaking of streaks, I was also wondering what results I would get with this product which is a cream as opposed to the spray formats I had been using in the past. In my mind, their application was easier and more dummy proof but I was also bothered by the fact that I was inhaling nasty ingredients all in the name of vanity… Anyhoo, since I am a lazy bum and almost never exfoliate before applying self tanner (you really should though) and am not too meticulous with my application technique, I know I run the risk of looking like a zebra when using self tanner but fortunately, this one passed the test with flying colours! My glow was just perfect. Natural and healthy looking with no demarcation of where I stopped applying the cream which is pretty impressive. I am definitely going to make this my new go-to self tanner. In addition to this I have a few other fun products from the ECO TAN range to add to my natural beauty top shelf:

Foaming body wash (smells like heaven!) $31.95 for 375ml

Natural coconut sunscreen (it’s super rich and hydrating) $39.95 for 150ml. They also have a tinted version that I would use as my daily SPF on my face.

Coconut organic deodorant (I love the smell so much I use it as a body mist and spray it everywhere!) $19.95 for 125ml

For those living in North America, ECO TAN offers unlimited $12.95 shipping for US/Canada. They also currently have a special offer: Receive a free extreme exfoliant glove when you spend over $100 online.

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    • It’s crazy that you are so naturally tanned but you burn in the sun! Oh well, better stick to 60 SPF then but if ever I notice that they make it part of their offering, I will let you know! ;)

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