Hi guys! I just wanted to pop in and share this fabulous list of cruelty-free Sephora beauty brands made up by Cruelty Free Kitty. I know many of us love shopping at Sephora (it’s more than shopping, it’s an experience!) and I am grateful for this list as it guides me to make the right choices when I am restocking on beauty products.  Being aware of what goes into what we buy (ie. the suffering of innocent animals) is so important.

As I once said, a smart fashionista is an informed one so double check those brands that you often go for to make sure you aren’t forking money over to companies with cruel practices. There are so many great choices of fantastic brands that don’t test on animals that there really aren’t any excuses anymore to encourage the L’Oréals of this world… Each time you pass at the cash register, you are voting on whether you agree or not with the way a company conducts its business so remember the power you have next time you go shopping and use it wisely! Have a great day my lovelies! xoxo

2 thoughts on “Cruelty-free Sephora beauty brands

    • Thank YOU for creating this list Suzi! I love Sephora but also want to buy cruelty-free brands only so I’m so glad you put this together. I have bookmarked it on my phone and can refer to it every time I shop! Keep up the amazing work and thanks for your kind words on my blog! xx

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