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Peace is power candle PITTA DOSHA Danielle Laporte

Peace is power – Pitta Dosha soy candle


Danielle Laporte votive candle. Fennel uplifts. Coriander deepens and relaxes. Peppermint cools your mind. This blend is for fiery types who want to chill out and get grounded into their power. Pitta energy is zippy, fast, very mental, it rules the elements of Fire + Water. So balancing all that mental heat requires some cooling. And then you discover that actually, peace is power.

100% pure essential oils in an Ayurvedic blend. Soy wax burns foreverrrr (or at least 50+ hours). Your lungs and Mother Earth will thank you, your house guests will just go ahhhh. The packaging is ART, designed for your reuse. And remember: It only takes a second to make a wish, send a blessing, whisper a prayer. Strike the match and make it matter.



Product Description

These candles are 100% all natural soy wax candles with essential oils. This means no additives, no hardeners. It makes our candles unique, and it makes them more vulnerable to temperature changes. Candles may experience slight melting and re-hardening in transit. It is perfectly fine!

So light it up and enjoy the aroma of our pure essential oils. Oh so good!


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