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Video: my healthy morning routine

video, morning, morning routine, healthy morning routine, health, healthy living, wellness, happiness, personal growth, coach, coaching, health,

Many of you have asked me about my healthy morning routine and it’s a subject that is actually quite popular online now. People are starting to realize that how you start your day affects how you feel several hours after so making the right choices are key. Having a grounding ritual can help you deal […]

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Video: are you standing in your own way?

standing in your own way, sabotage, self sabotage, health, healthy living, wellness, happiness, personal growth, coach, coaching, mindful, mindful living, mindfulness, awareness

Have you ever asked yourself if you are standing in your own way? If you are blocking your own growth, success and well-being? The answer might seem obvious but our mind can work in very subtle and unconscious ways which sometimes make us unaware when we are in self-sabotage mode. In this video, I reveal that […]

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Watch: the boho fashion accessory I can’t live without

bracelet, accessories, fashion, shopping, swiss, yoga, bohemian, boho fashion accessory

You know that feeling of falling in love with something so badly you want to buy the item in every colour? That’s what happened to me when I discovered boho fashion accessory designer Bianca Sissing and her Everything has purpose bracelets. What started out as an innocent crush on a designer’s beautiful creations quickly developed […]

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Video review: Pangea Organics facial scrub

pangea organics scrub, exfoliant, natural beauty, organic beauty, green beauty, green living, sustainable living, cruelty free, eco friendly

Hi guys! So this is somewhat of a big moment for me. It’s my first video on the Red Fairy Project and I did this in one go (ie. no cutting or editing). I am reviewing the Pangea Organics facial scrub, one of my natural beauty staples. You know I’m a perfectionist and would love […]

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