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7 heavenly minutes in Sardinia – Video

Sardinia, Italy, travel, vacation, europe, island, beach,

If you’ve ever been to Italy you know what a magical experience this country has to offer: the food, the scenery, the sun… the food! Our last trip to Italy was Lake Como and I thought that would be hard to beat. Well, the island of Sardinia surpassed my expectations in every way possible. I’m […]

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Watch: Switzerland highlights part 2

Switzerland, travel, europe, swiss, suisse,

As promised in my last Switzerland post, here is part 2 which I did as a video to make it even more fun and inspiring. I could have honestly packed hundreds of clips and photos in this video which would have turned it into a documentary/travel log but I decided to just make it a […]

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Switzerland summer 2016 highlights-Part 1

Luzern, Lucerne, Switzerland, Suisse, Swiss, travel, tourism, wanderlust, europe, vacation

Grüezi from Switzerland! As my summer stay comes to an end, I had to do a post on my favourite place in the world (yes, the fact that my man lives here makes me somewhat biased). Rather than simply sharing the highlights of Switzerland, I wanted to show you that there is something for everyone here. […]

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How to make healthy choices while on vacation

healthy choices while on vacation, mindful living, self realization, daily inspiration, quote of the day, inspiring quote, daily quote, inspiration, inspiring, inspire, inspired, quotes, positive quotes, positive quote, motivation, success, happiness, happy, wellness, well-being, wisdom, guidance, personal development, personal growth, self improvement, potential, self love, healthy living, health, spirituality, spiritual, soul, spiritual coach, coach, coaching, life coach, health coach, wellness coach, red fairy project, healer, light worker, miracle, miracle worker, light worker, self actualization, mindfulness, mindful, lifestyle coach, vacation, travel, healthy vacation, healthy choices, fitness,

Does travel time equal throwing your healthy habits out the window? If that’s the case, you probably often return home feeling bad about certain choices and like you sabotaged all your hard work. I totally get where you’re coming from. Before I discovered these precious tricks to make healthier choices while on vacation, I used […]

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Lake Como Italy

Lake Como, Italy, travel, europe

Lake Como Italy had been a dream destination of mine ever since I drove past it traveling from Switzerland to Turin two years ago. As I took in the beautiful mountains surrounding the stunning blue lake for the first time, I had made a promise to myself that I would have the full Como experience […]

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Weekend trip to England

sheep green field England_travel

Last weekend, we took a little trip to England for the Taylor’s annual Rum Fun party. It was also a celebration for Mr. Taylor’s 70th and for a certain someone who is turning 40 in a couple of days, but I’ve been sworn to secrecy so I cannot reveal who that is (you can probably […]

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Lavaux & Lausanne, Switzerland

lavaux, lutry, vineyard, wine, grapes, switzerland, europe, travel

I first discovered Lavaux last year when I was on the train heading to Lausanne. I was watching the scenery unfold very calmly when all of a sudden the landscape opened up to an infinite view of lush vineyards and crystal clear Lac Léman (for the full effect, check out the video I shot below). […]

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Top spots to visit in Geneva

Swans lake Geneva Switzerland

Ever since my first visit to Switzerland last year, I’ve had a list of key cities I wanted to discover: Zurich (done), Lausanne (done) and Geneva. Of course, there are countless other areas in the country I have been to and others I still want to check out but I had to cover the majors. […]

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Switzerland travels best of

switzerland, suisse, lake lucerne, luzern, lac, mountains, montagnes, alpes, alps, voyage, travel, nature, blogger, photography

As I take in my first few days in Switzerland for the summer, I couldn’t help but look to the past at all the joyful experiences I had during my last visits. I am already gearing up for my first blog post after only 2 days here but until I can gather a few more […]

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Portugal day 7: scintillating Sintra

monserrate, palace, park, sintra, lisbon, portugal, travel, europe, tours

Of all the sights that people recommend we visit while in Portugal, Sintra was mentioned the most often. After doing some research online including Pinterest, I could not wait to discover this magical place. We had a bit of a challenge planning our tour of Sintra as the train transportation system was on strike during […]

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Portugal day 6: Lisbon is foodie heaven

gelato, dessert, food, eating, santini, ice cream, mercado, time out, da ribeira, lisbon , lisboa, portugal, travel, europe, vacation, tourism, resturant

Just in case you couldn’t tell by now, the boyfriend and I are obsessed with food. We are constantly talking about when we will be eating, what we will be eating and when we are done eating, we pretty much start thinking about the next meal. It’s a surprise we don’t both weigh 300 lbs. Every […]

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Portugal day 5: beautiful Belém

belem, historical, portugal, Jeronimo, monastery, building, history, church, architecture, lisbon, lisboa

On day 5 in Lisbon, we headed back to beautiful Belém (visited on day 1) as we didn’t really realize what it had to offer during our first tour. This time, we had a specific destination in mind: the Jerónimos Monastery. Unfortunately, we weren’t the only ones as you can see by the queues in the photos […]

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Portugal day 4: Cascais

cascais, portugal, europe, travel, coast, coastl, town, resort, marina, boats, water, boardwalk, tourism, beach

Day 4 was spent discovering gorgeous Cascais (pronounced kush-kaish), a coastal town situated 30 km from Lisbon and one of the richest municipalities in Portugal. The former fishing village gained fame as a resort for Portugal’s royal family in the late 19th century and early 20th century (source: Wikipedia). I have to be honest, I didn’t do […]

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Portugal day 3: swimming with the sharks

sunset, lisbon, lisboa, portugal, palm tree, waterfront, beach, ocean, river tagus, view, scenic, romantic, travel, vacation tourism, europe

Robert and I have a deep fascination for the underwater world so visiting the Lisbon Oceanarium was a must for us.  Of course, the first priority of the day was food and Robert’s morning ritual was to get fresh pastries from local bakeries. Today was a just out of the oven, still warm, melt in your […]

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Portugal Day 2: a feast for the eyes & the belly

fountain, rossio place, praça do rossio,, lisbon, lisboa, portugal, europe, travel, bus tour, tourism

It didn’t take us to to understand that eating is one of the major (and most fun!) activities to be done while visiting Portugal. On day 2 we discovered foodie paradise: the Time Out Mercado da Ribeira. If you visit Lisbon, you have to check this place out. It’s kind of a hybrid between a […]

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Portugal day 1: mesmerizing Lisboa

belem, tower, history, portugal, lisbon, lisboa, europe, travel, vacation, tourism, photography

It’s hard finding words to describe the beauty of Lisboa (Lisbon in Portuguese) and how my senses were on overload as we walked through the city for the first time. Luckily, a photo is worth a thousand words so I am packing all my Portugal travel posts full of pics in order to fully convey the […]

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Portugal here we go!

Lisbon, portugal, europe, travel

After careful consideration, Robert and I have decided that we are going to reunite in Portugal this coming Sunday. Do I need to state how excited I am? Not only will I be traveling to a European destination that has been on my wish list for a long time, but I will also be seeing […]

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Costa Rica day 6: snorkeling and sunsets

snorkling, beach, costa rica, travel,

In addition to travel being a big passion for my father and I, we both love spending time on the water so on day 6 in Costa Rica, we went on a fun sunset cruise. The highlight of the trip was a stop at a tiny island where we did some swimming, sunning and snorkeling.  […]

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