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Be the director of your mindset

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Let’s start this Sunday with a higher awareness of your mindset. This quote is from Collective Hub, my current favourite magazine and source of inspiration. One of the reasons I love it so much is that it shares the stories of people that have followed their path and have become successful by tapping into their fullest potential.

Now don’t think that when I say successful I’m only referring to the financial sense of the term. Life and happiness is about way more than money (although yes it is important and I welcome it with open arms). They are successful because they are doing what they love and sharing their gifts with the world, whether it’s either as a chef, designer, decorator, blogger, florist or business mogul.

They truly believed (this is the mindset part) that they could pave a path for themselves diving into their passion(s). If you love photography for example but keep saying “Yeah, but I will never make a living at it.” I can guarantee you that you probably won’t. But if you shift your mindset, start being aware of your limiting beliefs and focus on all that you can accomplish with the amazing gifts you have, your life will take a turn to places you could have never imagined.

Every single thing you see around you right now started as an idea in someone’s head. Imagine if they had said “Who am I to create yet another stylish chair” or “But there are a million of these that exist already.” You have something unique to bring into this world. Don’t block that from coming into existence. You are probably creating some of your own obstacles. Don’t blame or judge yourself for it, just reset those thought patterns and shift towards a mindset of infinite possibilities.

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