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You don’t have to figure it all out

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In order to move forward you sometimes have to let go of the plan. I think this is one of the most precious lessons you can learn in life especially when you are trying to figure out your purpose and create a life that goes beyond your wildest dreams. We often believe that we need a detailed plan or road map of exactly where we are going and that’s because it’s what we were taught: “You must have it ALL figured out, know each step you will take, control every single detail!” When we think this way, we become paralyzed with fear and feel overwhelmed and so we stay stuck and don’t take any action at all.

There is no way we can know and plan everything that is ahead of us and we are not in control of all the factors. It’s not to say to not have a plan but sometimes you have to trust your gut and just know (for now) how you will get from point A to point B. What’s amazing is that once you are at point B, it becomes clear how to get to point C. Last year, when I knew that my life had to take a turn and some major changes needed to occur, I just took it one step at a time. My first intuition was to launch my blog the Red Fairy Project. Soon after that decision, it became clear I was meant to do a yoga teacher training to pass on all the valuable tools I had learned from my amazing teachers. And in March, I knew it was time to quit my job in the corporate world.

Once I accepted that I didn’t need to know how every single thing was going to unfold my life took on a certain flow and ease. I wasn’t swimming against the current anymore. Yes the unknown can be scary but once you trust, give it everything you’ve got and let some magic happen, it’s amazing the life you can live. What is one step you can take to move forward and be just a little closer to living your dreams? Work on that single step. Let go of the rest for now.

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