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Go-to green juice recipe

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You’ve got a big vision for your life and you need the fuel to support it.” This is why I love Kris Carr so much and it’s the reason she is a source of great inspiration to juice up and eat clean. If you don’t know Kris, she’s a New York Times and #1 Amazon best-selling author (book recos below), wellness activist and cancer thriver.

Kris knows first hand about the healing power of good nutrition and she is full of resources for us healthy foodies who want to incorporate as many good eating habits as possible in our diets.

I started juicing back in 2013 when I saw the movie Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. The title might sound grim but it’s really an inspiring film. As soon as I finished watching it, I started looking for a juicer. Skip to a few weeks later, I was making my first green juice and never looked back. Around the same time, I discovered Kris and bought her two books Crazy Sexy Kitchen and Crazy Sexy Diet. Since then, she has also published Crazy Sexy Juice which is on my Christmas mas wish list.

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This video features the yummy go-to green juice recipe that I make the most often. The ingredients featured are cucumber (high in B vitamins and a great way to detoxify your liver), celery (a good source of potassium), kale (a good source of vitamin A which is good for your eyes and your skin), romaine lettuce (strong source of folates), green apple for a touch of sweetness, lemon (highly alkalizing and adds a bit of tang to your juice), a dash of ginger (very good for your circulation).

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*JUICING 101* If you have never juiced or are just starting, I recommend adding a bit more fruit to start (1/2 fruits + 1/2 veggies) as it takes a little while to get used to the taste of drinking vegetables. With time, you can reduce the amount of fruit (which can cause sugar spikes) and increase the veggie ratio. With time, you will also get the confidence to be a little more creative and go outside the already existing recipes you have been following. I like to do variations on my favourite juice recipe such as this:

3 large organic apples (if you don’t have organic, peel them to reduce your intake of pesticides)

4-5 pieces organic celery

1 romaine lettuce heart

1/2 cucumber (peeled if it’s not organic)

1/2 peeled lemon

If you want to find out more about juicing, I highly recommend visiting this page on Kris’ site. I’ve also included links to purchase her three books below which are great tools to get your started on a healthier journey. The movie Fat, sick and nearly dead can be watched for free here.

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