It’s official, meditation is going mainstream and the general population is finally getting how many benefits this practice has to offer. If you’ve been wanting to give it a go but are maybe a little intimidated, I’m here to show you you can’t do it wrong + I’m sharing a few practical tips to ease into your first experience. Enjoy watching and don’t forget to give this post a LIKE if it brought you value!

As mentioned in the video, I have a few meditation resources to share with you to help get you started but first, if you haven’t done so yet make sure you sign up to the weekly newsletter here!


Headspace meditation app

21 Day Meditation Experience with Deepak Chopra & Oprah (there isn’t a free series live right now but they have a ton of downloadable meditations which are well worth the purchase).

I hope this video was useful and do not hesitate to reach out with any questions you might have when beginning your own practice. I’ve done meditation coaching on several occasions to allow people unstuck and started. Sometimes you just need a little support and guidance and then you’re good to go! If you would like a session, you can contact me at See you soon!

Geneviève xo

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  • Ah ah! It wasn’t so funny when I was filming and my nose kept running! I was a bit crazy to be filming on a day I was so sick but I wanted to make sure I had new content for you guys as expected. #dedicated. Merci pour ton commentaire ma belle Chadi. Ça me fait toujours plaisir de savoir que tu regardes mes vidéos! Bisous xo

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