I am beyond excited that Facebook launched a livestream feature and I’ve been playing around with it over the past week or so. Yesterday, I did a video on Positive thinking vs repressing our emotions which you can find below. Hope you enjoy and keep in mind that these livestreams are very spur of the moment so they are a bit shaky (I promise I’ll be more careful with that in the future!) but 100% authentic me. :)

Once you’ve viewed the video, I would love for you to share your thoughts on this topic. Do you tend to repress or try to numb unpleasant emotions or do you acknowledge and let them pass?

Thanks for watching and let me know which topics you would like me to focus on in the next videos!

Positive thinking vs repressing our emotions

Posted by Genevieve Colmer on Monday, March 28, 2016

3 thoughts on “Video: positive thinking vs repressing our emotions

  • Hi redfairy! You are so real:) i understand and feel everything that youve said! By the way thank you again:) i honestly believe thag i found your blog because there is a purpose:) hope to meet you personally! I looking forward to all of your blogs! you serve as one of my mentor;) –im dreaming ??

    You are beautiful!

    Thank You foe your time reading my comment:)

  • Aww, you are so sweet! I try to be as authentic as possible as that is what I preach so I have to walk the talk! :) I’m so happy you found my blog if this is what you needed. I truly believe that Life always guides us towards the resources our soul needs to grow and be fulfilled. What area do you live in? I do meet ups sometimes in order to meet my loyal readers so if ever we are in the same area, it would be a pleasure to meet you! To make sure that you find out when and where the next meet-up to be, you can sign up for the Red Fairy’s newsletter if you haven’t already done so: http://bit.ly/redfairynewsletter.

    You can also join the Red Fairy community on Facebook (Facebook.com/redfairyproject) and Instagram (instagram.com/redfairyproject)! Look forward to more of your precious feedback!

    Geneviève xoxo

  • Wow! Im speechless! I never expected your reply!
    Yes, totally agree with you.. That everything around us happen for a reason:) reason for us to grow:)

    Im from the philippines:) to far? *wink*

    Im not good in something yet (explaining things) coz im having a hard time trying to find the right word or phrase.. .that will explain or make me understand. Thats my struggle sometimes:)

    Topic? What can you say about law of attraction? :)

    Thank You for your time Redfairy. Feel blessed.

    Take Care Always,

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