Sometimes, the only way to find out what we are meant to do is by first determining what we aren’t meant to. In order to find our path we must often go down many roads, get lost, take detours and wind up in some dead ends to finally realize where we are meant to go. 

That journey is not a waste of time, it’s what creates our life and brings us the lessons we are meant to learn. Imagine if we came into this world already enlightened and ready to go. What fun would that be?

It’s not our destiny as human beings to have it all figured out from the get-go.

We are supposed to fill this adventure with successes and mistakes and along the way our true self becomes clear. Don’t try to figure it all out in your head. Marie Forleo says it best:

Clarity comes from engagement, not thought.

If you’re staying in your mind it’s probably because you’re afraid and you think that this will keep you safe. Allow yourself to discover. To try, make mistakes and then try again. This is what will make you truly feel alive. This is what will make your heart sing and your soul say thank you!

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