It’s funny how “taking a break” usually has a negative connotation. We often associate the expression with taking a break from a person in a romantic relationship which usually leads to a break-up. For me on the other hand, I see taking a break as something quite positive and in this video I explain why. Enjoy watching and if you found value in this post, give it a big LIKE!

So, what do you think? Is there someone or something that you need to take a break from in your life?

It’s so important to give yourself permission to take a step back and reflect on what your needs are. This will provide space to reflect and determine what’s working and what’s not which can then allow you to restart on the right foot.

As mention in the video, I highly recommend watching Why setting the bar lower can help you reach your goals if like me you tend to push yourself and feel guilty when you do try to slow down.

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Geneviève xo

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