If I asked you if you wanted more peace in your life, you would likely answer yes, correct? Now, my second question: what are you doing to welcome in that peaceful feeling? If your days filled with to-do lists, special projects and social activities and you feel anxious when you do get the opportunity to slow down, it’s time to learn to make friends with stillness.

This might be a foreign concept and if so, you should definitely watch the video below. Sometimes we just need to reminder ourselves that we are human BEINGS not human DOINGS. It’s important that we create space in our life to just relax and BE or we can get off track and end up running on empty. Enjoy watching (continue reading below)!

(Apologies for the large white space above, Facebook is being wonky with its videos…). So, what came up as you watched the video? Did you recognized yourself as the person that is constantly in doing and performing mode? Do you only feel worthy when you are busy?

The good news is this Type-A gal learned to slow down and actually be okay with doing NOTHING. Yup, I said it, N O T H I N G. We can all benefit from a little less chaos and noise in our life and I hope this video can put you on the path to more inner peace.

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Thanks for stopping by and wishing you a wonderful peaceful weekend.

Geneviève xoxo

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