Make a promise to yourself today that you will strive for excellence not perfection.  I’m the first to admit that this can be difficult as a “recovering” perfectionist but learning to let go can bring so much inner peace.

When we strive for perfection it’s an exhausting never ending battle.

Perfection simply doesn’t exist and when we try to attain it we can actually get stuck. It can keep us from embarking on a new project or finishing one that’s been ongoing for way too long.

We must learn to become comfortable with imperfection and embrace the periods where we are beginners.

I am learning to move ahead with certain ideas while trying to cut myself some slack and not set the bar too high. I know that when I do, I get overwhelmed and stop taking action or give up.

I now practice the mantra PROGRESS OVER PERFECTION and I find it helps tremendously.

Whether it’s with your eating habits, exercise routine, meditation practice or a special project, be kind yourself when you think that you are not meeting your high standards.

There is nothing worse to lose motivation than letting our inner mean girl take over. Push her aside and remember that you are doing your very best.

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Wishing you a wonderful day where you release the beast of perfectionism and focus on the amazing progress you are making. ♡

Geneviève xoxo

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