Who doesn’t love a good guided visualization practice? What, you mean you’ve never done that? Let me break it down. I strongly believe that when we visualize (or “imagine”) something we are striving for, it truly helps us reach that goal. When we picture ourselves in the future having accomplished this dream and we think about how we are going feel, it influences our subconscious and the actions we take on a daily basis to help us get closer to that dream.

I’ve done a certain form of visualization for years now and it’s with my mood board (i.e. posting photos that resonate with me and represent the dreams and goals I have). If you want to know more about how to create a mood board (or “vision board”), watch this video. I would like to warn you that it was one of the first videos I did and it was shot with my Iphone (I think I had done a Facebook Live and then put it on YouTube) so it’s not a high production clip but the value is still there.

So, back to guided visualizations… I started this practice about a year ago and I think it was thanks to this guided visualization (link below) by Carri Green of the Female Entrepreneur Association. Ever since I downloaded it, I’ve been listening to it on a regular basis and it really helps inspire me and remember the goals I am aiming for. I’ll let Carrie introduce this fantastic guided visualization below and then you can head to her site to download it to your phone, computer or tablet.

If you did this visualizing exercise, I would love to know what you think. Or, perhaps you already have a visualization practice? If so, what does it look like and has it worked for you? Share in the comments below! If you want more tools to live your best life, make sure you’re signed up to the weekly newsletter to be notified when a new wellness video comes out every Sunday. You’ll also get exclusive video access to a coaching session I did at Lululemon last year. Until next time my lovelies, stay healthy + happy!

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